Together we can transform the world.

Alltroo is a movement for changemakers.

Our purpose is to grow the charitable giving industry by offering amazing experiences—and amplifying the impact we can make together.

What We Do

At Alltroo, we get people to give a little good for a chance at winning something big. (Seriously, we’re talking dream-come-true, meet-your-sports-hero big.) We offer awesome prizes and experiences to rally folks to one cause—and raise more cash for charities that make a real difference.

The more we give together, the more good we make for the world. And if we all chip in and do our part, who knows how much we’ll change?

Our mission is to increase charitable contributions by bringing new donors into the fold. Let’s get to it!

How It Works

Rally For Change is our motto for a reason. We believe the way charitable fundraising is traditionally done is inefficient and needs to change. Charities rely on things like galas, auctions and in-person events to fundraise. The amount of money charities can raise with these outdated methods is limited by things like the highest price they can charge and the number of people who can attend.

Fundraising is ready for change. When you choose to donate to participate in an Alltroo sweepstakes, you’re joining a movement. You join thousands of other people – just like you – donating a few bucks to support a great cause and a chance at winning something incredible. That’s how we Rally For Change and create unlimited fundraising potential for charity.  


Kyle, inspired by his brother Casey and his friend Anton, opened Kyle Rudolph’s Endzone, a therapeutic patient care space for kids to laugh, heal, play, and simply be. In sponsoring the End Zone, Jason Zucker and his wife, Carly, formed strong ties with the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and started Give 16.

Individuals and organizations donated whatever they could spare in forms of ‘16’. Thousands rallied to the cause, generating over $1.2 million for the hospital.

Rudolph and Zucker set out to raise money on a greater scale. That led them to Joel Kunza and Jon Walburg, founders of Athletes for MN Kids, a non-profit dedicated to raising money for pediatric patients at Masonic.

COVID-19 prevented our founders from reaching their fundraising goals for the year. All too familiar with the limitations and frustrations of traditional nonprofit fundraising like galas and golf tournaments, they knew they needed to change the system: find a better way to fundraise and build a collaborative movement behind it.

Why the name ‘Alltroo’?

Altruism is when we act to help others, even at a risk or cost to ourselves. It means putting the well-being of other people first, no matter what it takes. ‘Alltroo’ was inspired by that powerful belief: that together, we can lift others up to change the world for good.

Why the kangaroo?

Kangaroos symbolize energy, generosity, and progress. In fact, they’re so forward-thinking that they can’t jump backward! We want our movement to embody those same qualities: to inspire action, ignite change, and make a true difference together.

Kyle 'Rudy' Rudolph

Kyle 'Rudy' Rudolph

As a professional American football tight end, Kyle Rudolph brings drive and excellence both on and off the field.

The Rudolph family opened Kyle Rudolph’s End Zone in 2018, a state-of-the-art therapeutic care space for child and teenage patients. The End Zone is a much-needed place where kids can just be kids—and have fun with others during their stay at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Rudolph and his wife, Jordan, have participated in charitable giving across the Minnesota community since 2011. Thanks to his outstanding athletic career and charity work, Kyle has been nominated three times for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.

Kyle 'Rudy' Rudolph Signature
Jason Zucker

Jason Zucker

Jason Zucker is a professional hockey player and the founder of Give16, an organization committed to sparking positive change.

In 2018, Jason’s #Give16 campaign raised over $1.2 million for the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. As part of their contribution, Jason and his wife, Carly, gifted the Zucker Family Suite and Broadcast Studio, a theater and broadcast studio providing hospital families with fun and therapeutic adventures.

In recognition of his leadership qualities and excellence on and off the ice, Jason was awarded the 2019 King Clancy Memorial Trophy—the National Hockey League’s top award for community service.

Jason Zucker Signature
Jon Walburg & Joel Kunza

Jon Walburg & Joel Kunza

Jon Walburg and Joel Kunza are the co-founders of Athletes for MN Kids, a non-profit that raises funds to provide support and care for the children who need it most. Jon and Joel built this non-profit in 2019 as a way to give back to communities across Minnesota and help kids in need.

Joel and Jon have built a network of business leaders and athletes to amplify their message and make an even greater charitable impact. Athletes for MN Kids arranges a variety of sports-themed events, including golf invitationals and tournaments, to spread awareness and generate more funding for kids in need of support.

Jon Walburg & Joel Kunza Signature Jon Walburg & Joel Kunza Signature

3M and Alltroo are working together to craft amazing athlete experiences that uplift communities across Midwest.

Paddle North
Paddle North

Paddle North has raised their giving profile by working with Alltroo and Minnesota celebrities.

Twin Cities Summer Jam
Twin Cities Summer Jam

TC Summer Jam is excited to work with Alltroo to donate money-can’t-but experiences to raise money for charity.

Do people really win these experiences?

Yes! The winner is randomly selected using an automated drawing process—and featured on individual sweepstakes pages once they’re chosen. Learn more about past winners and the charities they helped contribute to here.

How do I enter for a chance to win?

Entering is quick and easy! Just go to the page for the experience you want and make a donation or choose “enter without donating”  from there. If you choose to donate, 100% of your donation will go to Change Starts With Me. In return, you’ll earn entries to win. The more you give, the more entries you’ll receive up to the entry limit of 6,000 entries, which applies whether you donate or not. Just one more way goodwill pays off.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Absolutely! 100% of every Alltroo donation goes to Change Starts With Me, a public 501(c)(3) organization. As such, any donation you make through our platform is tax-deductible in the US.

Are there any age restrictions for sweepstakes?

Yes. Each sweepstakes has its own set of age restrictions—based on the experience being offered. Check out the specific rules of each sweepstakes for more info on restrictions.

Can I donate a prize or an experience for an Alltroo sweepstakes?

If you are an athlete, celebrity, company, or charity interested in building a prize or an experience with us, we’d love to hear from you! If you are or represent one of these parties, please email us at

How many entries can I earn?

The maximum number of entries allowed for each sweepstakes is 6,000 regardless if you choose to donate or not. You can donate as much as you’d like to each cause, but your entries cap out at 6,000. Be sure to check the sweepstakes rules for each experience for more details.

How do you select a winner for each sweepstakes?

Per our official rules, we’ll use an automated drawing process to select a potential winner for each experience. Selection is completely random and fair—and generally occurs within two weeks after the sweepstakes closes, but see each sweepstakes set of rules for the full details.

How will I know if I’ve won an experience?

Unless the sweepstakes rules say otherwise, we will contact the winner(s) of each sweepstakes via email—then arrange a scheduled video call! Winners are typically selected and contacted within four weeks after the sweepstakes closes.

Is my payment info secure on the Alltroo site?

Absolutely. We use a highly secure third-party payment processing service. All payment details are processed using Level 1 PCI Compliant systems to ensure your personal information is safe and secure at all times.

What is your refund policy?

All charitable donations made through Alltroo are final and nonrefundable.

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